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The omni-channel imperative

The term ‘omni-channel’ is the latest approach to marketing and customer engagement; however, many companies are still failing to accomplish a true coordinated approach to consumer interactions and communications across disparate channels.

The Essential Components of a Single Customer View

Using customer data effectively has never been more important. Consumers expect the companies they deal with to provide relevant information and not to waste their time. The application of data can relate to many areas, including the communications consumers receive and the service they experience. But how can you ensure you maximise the value of your customers’ experience? By collecting the relevant data and using it effectively.

A Single Customer View (SCV) allows you to know the true value of your customers and understand and measure your customer’s experience. It gives you a true 360 degree view of your customers and allows you to achieve costs savings. It also helps with compliance.

Consumers are often happy to share information if it will make their lives easier, or give them a reward of some kind, or ensure an improved level of service – and this perceived benefit, in turn, wins customer loyalty.

But the level of informed attention that fosters an ongoing and growing relationship between and brand and its customers can also raise expectations of better and more personalised dealings, and the business has to be prepared to meet those – and that requires having the right information accessible in one place so it can be analysed and actioned. This is a Single Customer View.


Putting Data in the Driver’s Seat

The modern loyalty scheme provides a powerful means of building deep-seated relationships with customers. The trouble is too few companies seem to understand that the fundamental goal of these programmes is not simply to develop a mechanism for keeping customers coming back by throwing them a few points, discounts or freebies. In the age of Big Data and omni-channel customer engagement, it has to be much more: a platform for gaining customer insight.

In this report, the third in our series on the power of the loyalty scheme, we look at just how successful companies are at using this insight to win consumer trust, engender long-term loyalty and positively impact customer spending behaviour.

The Lure of Loyalty

Loyalty schemes are big business in the UK when it comes to driving consumer traffic, but that doesn’t mean just having a scheme is enough. Loyalty scheme members expect a return for their loyalty and will not just sign up and use a scheme simply because it is available. Devising a scheme that tempts people not only to sign up but also to use it regularly is therefore of paramount importance.

In the GI Insight report Loyalty Frequency: Who’s tuning In? we benchmarked customer engagement via loyalty programmes across all sectors. In this, the second in the series, we look more closely at why people join loyalty schemes and what might keep them coming back.

Loyalty Frequency: Who’s Tuning In?

Loyalty Schemes have become a crucial weapon in the arsenal of many major retailers throughout the UK, as well as a huge number of businesses in other sectors. In this research report, the first in a three-part series on the power of the loyalty scheme in the UK today, we look at these questions and provide a sector by sector benchmark of loyalty programmes. We also break down the results by gender and age, analysing how various demographics differ in their take-up, use of, and feedback on loyalty schemes in each sector.



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