Raise revenue and response rates by using Programmatic Mail

Programmatic Mail is automated, personalised, real-time triggered mail based on your customer’s individual behaviour and unique interactions with your website. We ensure you have the right data and permissions and use a consolidated mail service to send the mail with maximum cost efficiency.

Real-time gets better results

The success of Programmatic Mail is linked to the ability to respond straightaway to customer behaviour. When customers are considering your products and services, and comparing them online with competitors, you can react with physical printed mail which turns browsers into buyers.

The Power of Mail

Physical direct mail has higher levels of cut through than email, greater recognition rates and better return on investment. Programmatic Mail allows you to send mail quickly and easily to your customers to have an immediate impact.

Programmatic Mail delivers results

Programmatic Mail will work across many types of campaign to find new, reactivate lapsed or continue to build a relationship with your new customers. You can vary your messages according to the product your customer buys, their relationship with you and the action they have taken. This means you are responding when they are considering your products and services – speaking to the right person at the right time, with the right offer.

14% increase in abandoned basket conversions

JD Williams’s strategy was to follow-up their existing successful Abandoned Bag email programme by targeting the non-responding customers with a highly personalised mailing, acting as an additional prompt to encourage them to complete their orders. Timing was key, with the mailing touching down within a week of the product abandonment.

A highly targeted automated daily mailing was sent, using digital print, to present a visual reminder of the abandoned products, as well as using online behavioural data to dynamically show personalised ‘most browsed’ product categories and added further value by including a cross-department push by featuring Home imagery.


Response rates of those who were mailed were +6%

Average Item Value of those mailed was +8%

Abandoned Bag Completion Rates of those who were mailed were +14%

AOV of £104 in line with responders to email campaign

How you start to benefit from Programmatic Mail

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