Single Customer View +

In the era of ‘Big Data’, customers are interacting with companies through many different channels. From clicks to tweets, companies need to be able to see a single customer view of their customers and turn that data into valuable insight.


Use the power of the Single Customer View to understand your customers, enabling you to…

  • Create a multi channel customer view
    Create a multi channel customer view

    Combine customer, geo-demographic and order data across all channels to truly understand and predict your customers behaviour and preferences

  • Reduce targeting costs
    Reduce targeting costs

    Dedupe and enhance your contact data to reduce your targeting costs and improve campaign accuracy / response rates

  • Segment your customers
    Segment your customers

    Create actionable customer segments to predict churn and increase life time value


Leverage your Digital + Product + Order data to effectively plan all campaign activity…

  • Grow your customer value
    Grow your customer value

    Know what will work from a cross and upsell perspective through understanding order baskets and product associations

  • Improve response rates
    Improve response rates

    Use customer insight to target appropriate customers through their preferred channel, at the right time

  • Acquire more valuable customers
    Acquire more valuable customers

    Recognise and target prospects who have high potential to become your best customers

Execute & Learn

Use Campaign data to help you understand customers behaviour, communicate in real time and…

  • Accurately measure ROI
    Accurately measure ROI

    Track and understand channel attribution and accurately measure ROI

  • Optimise resource
    Optimise resource

    Eradicate activity with low payback and maximise customer life time value

  • Improve future targeting
    Improve future targeting

    Apply learnings from campaigns to predict future responders


We do a lot more than crunch data. We get to know your business ambitions and pain points, lending you our expertise and background in understanding consumer behaviour and how to respond to it more effectively… we turn data into insight… we make a difference