We take data from all touch points, turn that into meaningful insight of your customers’ value, purchasing behaviour, needs and preferences with a real-time understanding of their likely trends.

At the same time, we get inside your business, combining your unique market knowledge with our broad data marketing experience.The result? We turn that insight into clear strategy to change the way you manage and communicate with your customers – Better informed business decisions and precision responses to meet your customers’ needs – driving revenue and profit.


The starting point for data-driven marketing is collecting relevant data which allows you to know more about your customers and respond to them in real-time. We will help you to identify your customers from multiple sources including websites, sales systems, till systems and application forms. We will then join together this online and offline data to create a 360o view of your customers so your insight is complete and your ability to respond is effective.


To gain insight into your customers, we then use the online and offline data to create a single customer view (SCV). From this we can help you create a customer relationship management programme to support your marketing strategy and drive effective customer communications.
This single customer view (SCV) will provide a true picture of a customer’s relationship with an organisation and enables complete understanding of their habits, behaviour and preferences.


Good marketing is about time and relevancy and being able to use the insight from your single customer (SCV) view will enable you to understand your customer’s behaviour and decide who should be getting which message and when. This could be to reward a loyal customer, win back one that hasn’t spent with you for a while or encourage your abandoned basket shoppers to complete their purchases. Each segment will be decided to deliver increased revenue back to the business.


The offers you make to your customers and how they are sent are crucial to the success of your campaigns. We will use the insight from your single customer view (SCV) to agree the incentive or message we need to make to your customers and the channel to use to ensure the best chance of success. This needs to be done quickly to respond to customers’ activity now and reflect their preferences and choices.


Real-time response is essential for today’s consumer. Using Campaign, we will automate an immediate, personalised response to maximise the value of your marketing efforts. This can be used for browsers, cross-sell offers and abandoned baskets responses and you can communicate through any or all channels as appropriate to your customer.
The communication is fully variable – so each customer will get a different message depending on their product or service choices.


It is essential to prove the effectiveness of data-driven marketing. On average we generate £6 incremental revenue for every £1 spent. Revenue is delivered from being able to identify your most responsive customers and being able to provide them offers in real-time they find compelling. We will ensure that the insight gained from the data collected will turn into marketing campaigns providing customers with the right offer at the right time through the right channel to deliver you incremental revenue.


We do a lot more than crunch data. We get to know your business ambitions and pain points, lending you our expertise and background in understanding consumer behaviour and how to respond to it more effectively… we turn data into insight… we make a difference