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Digital Playback

See how your marketing channels
perform and interact

Get a clear view of your customers’ activity and see missed potential,
goal opportunities and new ways to build customer loyalty.

Your customers are multichannel.
Get a true multichannel view

Digital Playback shows your customers' activity - across all channels - so you can improve what’s working and change what's not.

We give you an independent view of all of your marketing channels. Where needed, we can connect to your existing analysis software - for a quick, reliable and independent view of how your marketing is performing.


See how your marketing channels interact

Customers interact across many channels. Use Digital Playback to track, report and review your total online and offline performance when combined with customer behaviours.

You can see the effectiveness of your channel investment, performance and opportunities.

Digital Playback lets you create personalised retargeting strategies to close the online revenue gap and develop LTV by channel to support the acquisition of new customers.

Join together online and offline data

Knowing when your browsing customers buy in store lets you create a truly immersive experience for your customers.

Digital Playback gives you a 360 degree view joining browsing behaviour with customer and purchase data. This lets you see the path to conversion showing the customer journey from browsing to buy.

You now have the ability to make more powerful, insightful decisions affecting the performance of all of your channels.


Personalise customer web journey

Your customers find your website but do they buy? Having a clear view of pages viewed, and the path to checkout, lets you see where your strategy is delivering results and where it could improve.

Digital Playback lets you understand the potential customer value you are losing and what your customers are worth.

You can drill down to individual journeys and see how they relate to one another, letting you create personalised retargeting strategies to close the online revenue gap.

Identify missed sales potential

Browsers who don’t buy are a lost source of potential revenue. Knowing which product pages they have visited, how long they have spent there and what they did next, lets you see areas of opportunity.

You may see some product pages are not working or identify where supporting content is helping the sales process. Learning from what’s working and what isn’t lets you improve your marketing efficiency.


Measure SEO, PPC and social effectiveness

Paid and owned media performance needs to be evaluated both in isolation and with other channels. Digital Playback lets you see the value delivered from each of these channels. It also shows which customers drive value across which channel.

Once you know your attribution and return on investment, it is easier to see which elements of your paid and owned media are working and where you need to spend your budget to maximise your returns.

See what Digital Playback can do


Easy to implement KPI presentations


Essential decision making KPI reporting


Joining your online and offline customer behaviour enables better investment decisions