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Connecting the performance
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Joining the data dots - online and
offline customer communications

Identifying Marketing Opportunities

Understanding customer behaviour is key to growing your business. Most companies are able to get a view of their customer’s offline or their online behaviour, but never able to link the two. Imagine how useful it would be to know when an abandoned basket customer referred from social media, goes on to buy a product in store. What is the value of that media, that campaign, those customers?

Joining the data dots between your online and off line data releases a whole new world of customer behaviour insights and therefore opportunities.

Digital Playback Insight

Digital Playback unifies the browsing data and merges it with the customer and transactional database, enabling us to build the ‘path to conversion’. This shows the customer journey from browsing to purchase.

The Digital Playback dashboard outputs enable users to track, report and review their total digital performance and customer behaviours. Armed with this, insight marketers can play back to the business the effectiveness of their digital channel investment, current performance and opportunities.

Playback also tracks: Attribution, the allocation of credit to different points of the customer journey; Latent demand, Understand the value of browsing behaviour that hasn’t been converted, Search, Convergence Tracking and Media Spend Effectiveness.

The Digital Playback Dashboard is quick and easy to use and also to develop new reports / dashboards using the existing dataset. The Digital Playback Dashboard is online and accessed via your PC, laptop or mobile phone or any other digital device, in a user friendly format.

There are 5 key dashboards within the Digital Playback toolkit. We also build and customise dashboards for clients too.

Business Performance
– an overview of your digital business KPI’s

Consumer Intent – understanding when your customers are in the ‘consideration phase’

Channel Performance-  understanding the effectiveness of each media channel for each campaign and customer type

Attribution Modelling – insight into which channel is attributable to a sale

Search and site path flow – enabling you to optimise your search terms value and performance

Channel Convergence – understanding where your customers enter and leave your customer journey process

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Consumer Intent
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When will your customers want to buy your products? Are they in that ‘consideration phase’? Understanding their intent to purchase is key to connecting with them at the right time.

  • Strength of Buying Signal decoded
  • Track products and categories browsed
  • Recognise lapsed customers who are browsing and in the consideration phase
Channel Performance
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Attribution Modelling
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Search & Site Pathflow
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Channel Covergence
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Revenue delivering benefits
& single customer view

In the era of ‘Big Data’, customers are interacting with companies through many different channels. From clicks to tweets, companies need to be able to see a single customer view of their customers and turn that data into valuable insight.


Easy to implement KPI presentations


Essential decision making KPI reporting


Joining your online and offline customer behaviour enables better investment decisions