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What a waste: some mailers just don’t get it when it comes to using consumer data to hit the right targets

We’ve worked with a lot of mail order businesses in the last 14 years and the aim has pretty much been the same in every case: use consumer data to hone the targeting, cut waste and boost return on investment (ROI). The idea is to get catalogues and other mailings to the right people and avoid spewing out huge numbers of expensively produced items that are irrelevant to the people getting them through their mail slots.

Andy Wood - 1st July 2015

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Some established trends present ongoing challenges in 2015

It’s a little over a week into 2015 and I’m still sorting through my thoughts on the challenges and trends that we, our clients and other companies will contend with as the year unfolds. But there are a few conclusions that I have come to…

Andy Wood - 13th January 2015

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Are we going in the right direction?

Since television viewing became similar to radio in terms of choice, I have become rather adept at pre-recording my viewing in order to filter out a lot of wasted time. Technology would be my saviour and my balanced choice of old favourites repeated on Dave, sport, movies, dramas, quality radio and comedy across multiple channels are perfect ingredients for chilling out.

GI Insight - 17th November 2014

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Captain Kirk, are you ready to engage?

As a child of the sixties, I grew up in an environment when kids had to make their own entertainment and although my friends and I had the freedom to stay out all day, when back home we had to be seen but not heard. Our one TV set had two then three channels and our one phone was located halfway up the wall in the lounge.

GI Insight - 7th November 2014

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