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To meet your revenue and growth targets, we help you to reliably increase profitability through retention, acquisition and database strategies.

GI Insight help you to solve all direct marketing problems from data collection and interpretation through to automated real-time communications. You can benefit from being able to bring your data together, consider your customer journey and see incremental revenue delivered back to your business. If you want to get areas of your direct marketing strategy working better - talk to us.

How we do it
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Smarter Trigger Marketing Seminar

When events happen the first thing people do is reach for their mobile or laptop to do research. Marketers can use this real-time information to communicate with their customers - sending creative and relevant communications that deliver results.


Do you know who your customers are?

It is essential to understand your customers. Campaign helps websites operate more intelligently by creating a profile for each visitor enabling effective targeting.


6 Myths and Facts of Data Protection

To help you on your journey to GDPR compliance, we’ve decided to bust some data protection myths, so you don’t trip up on some widely-held misconceptions.
We also answer the important question: “How do we as marketers, get GDPR to work in our favour?


Read Kirk Dobie’s illuminating comments in the MyCustomer feature ‘Omnichannel in 2016’.

Read Kirk Dobie’s illuminating comments in the MyCustomer feature ‘Omnichannel in 2016’.


5 tips for Smarter Trigger Marketing

Discover the five key points of trigger marketing. The combination of real-time insight and smart marketing can help to create relevant communications, becoming one of the most effective ways to convert customers.


Bring the creativity back to direct mail

The battle against dull direct mail rages the read more button to see GI Man battle it out against his arch-nemesis and menace to all things creative.


6 tips to improve your typography

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type and has the power to capture attention. Knowing more about typography will help you improve your reader’s experience