Delivering Proven Profitability

To meet your revenue and growth targets, we help you to reliably increase profitability through retention, acquisition and database strategies.

GI Insight help you to solve all direct marketing problems from data collection and interpretation through to automated real-time communications. You can benefit from being able to bring your data together, consider your customer journey and see incremental revenue delivered back to your business. If you want to get areas of your direct marketing strategy working better - talk to us.

How we do it
Latest Seminar

Event – Insight Show

Andrew Adkins, Managing Director of GI Insight, will be featuring as an expert speaker on Tuesday 8th March at this year's Marketing Week Insight Show.


Do you know who your customers are?

It is essential to understand your customers. Campaign helps websites operate more intelligently by creating a profile for each visitor enabling effective targeting.


Turning Browsers into Buyers

For most marketers, turning browsers into buyers and loyal customers is a top business objective. However, you’ll want to achieve this simply and with minimal effort. Read our six step guide to help you turn more of your browsers into buyers.


GI Solutions acquire Eclipse Colour Print, Eclipse 4DM and Direct Link

Read the Leicester Mercury’s story about our most recent acquisition; GI Solutions Group has acquired Eclipse of Kettering to create a business with a combined turnover of £80 million.


Engage 25: 7 ways to increase revenue using predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is regularly used by many businesses as a way to increase return on investment (ROI). To discover how predictive analytics can benefit your business, read the latest issue of Engage.


Bring the creativity back to direct mail

The battle against dull direct mail rages the read more button to see GI Man battle it out against his arch-nemesis and menace to all things creative.


Infographics within design

Infographics are a representation of information in a visual format. Learn a little more about how a graphical representation of data is a great alternative.