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To meet your revenue and growth targets, we help you to reliably increase profitability through retention, acquisition and database strategies.

GI Insight help you to solve all direct marketing problems from data collection and interpretation through to automated real-time communications. You can benefit from being able to bring your data together, consider your customer journey and see incremental revenue delivered back to your business. If you want to get areas of your direct marketing strategy working better - talk to us.

How we do it
Latest Seminar

Customer Acquisition Seminar

Learn more about how to develop a successful customer acquisition strategy through profiling to find more valuable customers and using all marketing channels. This will improve your ROI and let you track e-commerce performance through GI Campaign.


Do you know who your customers are?

It is essential to understand your customers. Campaign helps websites operate more intelligently by creating a profile for each visitor enabling effective targeting.


Do you shop or drop?

To find out more about why customers abandon baskets we commissioned research to look at the underlying motivation behind the behaviour. This was to see what reasons customers gave when they did not complete a purchase and be able to consider the overall picture. The findings were surprising and informative.


Read Kirk Dobie’s illuminating comments in the MyCustomer feature ‘Omnichannel in 2016’.

Read Kirk Dobie’s illuminating comments in the MyCustomer feature ‘Omnichannel in 2016’.


Mail in the digital space

Discover how our ‘Campaign’ tool can allow you to truly target the right customers, with the right message, at the right time.


Think of us as solutions providers

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Engage your customers with a cracker of a Christmas campaign.

Early planning is the key to a successful Christmas campaign. Here are some top tips to get you started.